Established in 1946, Photomec is the international market leader in the design and manufacture of photo-processing systems. The company provides a comprehensive range of products for all professional processing needs: from simple, robust lift-and-transfer processors to the equipping of a full-service motion-picture film-laboratory. Photomec's reputation for innovative design, manufacturing quality, and the proven reliability of its machines has not gone unnoticed. The BKSTS has awarded a Fellowship for research and invention in cinematography laboratory disciplines and a Charles Parkhouse award for a significant contribution in laboratory practices (particularly the handling of modern film emulsions).

Photomecís product range includes motion picture film processors, film-handling systems, silver recovery systems, densitometers, lift-and-transfer film processors, leader-band paper processors, colour and black & white printers, microfilm processors for document & security purposes, X-ray and radiation monitoring film processing machines, and special purpose printers for fingerprint-lift duplication and other forensic applications.

Photomec is regarded as a leading force in each of the specialised areas of applied engineering in which it is involved. This is a record the company intends to maintain.

Photomec's success is founded on the following principles:
  • Listen to the customer
  • Satisfy the customerís requirements by applying the companyís technical expertise and experience
  • Continually evolve products in line with the customerís changing needs and advances in technology
  • Deliver with every product the highest possible level of technical service and support
With hundreds of installations throughout the world, we can help you from initial specification of your requirements, through machine design and installation to successful commissioning of your project.

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