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Users of other manufacturer’s processors can now benefit from Photomec technology. A number of products previously reserved for Photomec Integrated processors are now available as add-ons to virtually any processor. These products include the chemical control unit and the kit-chemistry auto-blender unit.

Chemical Control Unit
Photomec’s chemical control is at the heart of the excellent sensitometric results achieved by Photomec’s Integrated processors. Using P.I.D. controlled electrical heating and water cooling it accommodates all of the equipment needed to circulate the chemistry through the processing baths and to control temperature and replenishment. It includes:

  • Circulation flow meters for all chemicals
  • Circulation filters for all chemicals
  • Replenisher flow meters for all channels
  • Magnetic drive circulation pumps with separate high volume agitation pumps as required by the process
  • Accurate, easily adjusted, temperature control and display for each channel
  • Chemical heating via stainless steel and titanium heat exchangers as required by the process
  • Sample valves for all chemicals
  • Electrical control panel
When required, a number of chemical control units may be networked to allow remote monitoring of process temperatures from the control room or supervisors office.

The Kit-chemistry Auto-blender Unit
The kit-chemistry auto-blender unit eliminates the manual mixing of replenisher chemicals. Designed for use with Kodak’s liquid chemical kits, it uses pumps and valves under PLC control to transfer chemicals from their cubitainers, blend them with water in the correct quantities, and transfer them to the processor’s chemical baths at the calibrated replenishment rate. Labour is reduced and manual mixing errors are eliminated. All that the operator has to do is to mount the cubitainers on to the blending unit and open them. Every thing else is automatic and the operator will be warned when the cubitainers need replacing.

Contact us with details of your machine type, process and speed for a chemical control unit or auto blender unit quotation.

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