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Photomec’s Compact 2000’s series processing machines are a truly remarkable design offering continuous processing of motion picture films with minimum space requirements. They allow daylight-loading and one-man operation.

These machines will be of interest to television studios, post, effects and title houses and small photofinishers. They are available for VNF1, ECNII, ECPII (without redeveloped sound), Black & White, C41 and E6 processes in 8mm,16mm, 35mm, 126 and 110 formats. Typical output speeds are 12 ft/min (220 m/h) for 35mm ECN2 and 20 ft/min (370 m/h) for 16mm VNF1.

Construction of the structural components and chemical baths is in stainless steel and titanium (where required by the process). Film transport is by means of Photomec’s proven demand drive system. Magnetic-drive circulation and agitation pumps are used with filtration for all baths.

The machine has been designed for easy one-man operation in daylight. The feed and take-off stations are at the same end of the machine. Over/under-heat warning, end of film warning, developer circulation warning, film-break warning, and elevator-position warning alarms are included.

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