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The ECN2 Minilab is an automatic daylight-operating processing machine for 16mm and 35mm colour negative and colour intermediate films. It has been designed by Photomec to take full advantage of Kodakís latest liquid chemical kits for their new 5-chemical washless ECN2 process. The manual mixing of replensisher chemicals has been eliminated; the operator simply has to place the chemical cubitainers on to the Minilabís autoblender unit and the replenisher solutions are automatically mixed under machine control.

The machine is controlled and monitored using Photomecís PIMOS-C control system that is based on a robust and reliable programmable controller. The operator controls the machine via the PIMOS-C touch-screen that also displays alarms and other machine information.

A modem link allows remote technical support by Photomecís engineers. An optional facility for logging of PIMOS-C data directly into Microsoft Excel is also available.

The machine has been designed for ease of operation. One operator can easily take care of film preparation, machine operation and film checking. Together with the usual accessories, the machine can be accommodated in a space of around 25 square metres (265 square feet).

Output is 210 m/h (11 ft/min) for both 16mm and 35mm films.

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