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Photomec can supply a complete range of film handling equipment for motion picture film laboratories from a manual splicer or hand winder to a servo controlled negative inspection-table or high-speed auto-winder please contact us for details. If we donít make it we probably know someone who does.

Loop tree

Our 35 loop elevators for Model C printers are robustly designed for reliable continuous use. Models are currently available for loop lengths of 50-250 ft, 50-400 ft and 50-500 ft. These elevators are not driven and use a proven mechanical counter-balance system.

Servo winder
The Photomec Servo Winder provides safe and gentle handling for all types of film material in 16mm or 35mm formats. Using the latest servo motor and drive technology, constant tension is achieved over the whole roll length regardless of roll size, linear winding speed or acceleration.

Smooth speed ramps ensure controlled stopping and starting and, when fixed core sizes are used, the winder can be set to stop just before the film falls from the feed bobbin. Winding speeds of up to 800 ft/min (24 m/min) are possible in 5 preset steps. To accommodate different winds, the feed motor automatically changes direction depending on whether film is fed from the bottom or the top of the roll. The drive will not accelerate unless both bobbins are firmly secured on the film spindles, preventing film damage. Winding tension can be easily set by the user's engineer. However, an optional continuously adjustable tension control is also available for special applications such as slack to tight to slack winding. All winders include a counter.

Standard 16mm/35mm models are available in upright and flatbed configurations for 2000 ft, 4000 ft and 6000 ft rolls (600mm, 1200mm and 1800mm).

Special models are available for 8mm, 65mm and 70mm. We also offer these winders in an inspection table configuration, which can display footage, metres and 35mm projection time at 24 fps. An RS232C/422 interface allows this information to be logged to an optional printer or PC.

Standard features:
  • Combined 16mm/35mm
  • Built-in footage/frame/time counter with preset stop
  • Five preset speeds to 800ft/min
  • Preset tension
  • 208/240V 50/60 Hz
  • Continuously adjustable tension
  • Slack to tight or tight to slack winding
  • RS232C output to printer or PC
  • PTR cleaning rollers
  • Anti-static vacuum head
  • Film backing plates
  • 8mm, 65mm or 70mm
  • Inspection tables

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