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The Silver Sprinter is a 35mm sprocket drive ECP processor designed for high volume production of 35mm colour print material under the most demanding workloads and has been designed with maintenance in mind to ensure minimum downtime. Models up to 300 ft/min use the ECP2D process while the 400 ft/min and faster machines generally use the CP3 process. Installed machines have proven to be very reliable in service are profitable for their owners.

All Silver Sprinter processors include a wet section rack lift facility that, at the touch of a button, raises the complete wet section (or sections) of the processor clear of the chemical solutions. This system ensures that inspection of the film path and bottom components can be carried out without unlacing film; it is a simple matter to check components and film path that, on other manufacturers’ equipment, are submerged in the depths of the tanks and impossible to check without substantial dismantling. Further, with the rack section lifted, the entire film transport can be energised enabling visual inspection of the complete transport system in operation.

All processors are fitted with the following standard features:
  • Stainless steel construction with type 316L stainless steel and titanium tanks as required by the process specification
  • Variable speed AC Inverter motor drive with display indicating transport speed
  • High velocity air impinged film-drying system with passive anti-static devices and humidity control
  • Automatic chemical replenishment system with manual over-ride and safety time-out
  • Automatic wash water saving system. Manual over-ride with safety time-out provided
  • Wash water manifold for distribution and control of each wash tank unit.
  • Air vacuum squeegee and/or up strand wipers to each crossover position with vacuum pump if required
  • Floor standing independent chemical control and circulation unit
  • Circulation flow meters
  • Magnetic drive circulation pumps with separate high volume agitation pumps
  • All solutions are individually temperature controlled, heated and filtered with digital temperature displays and precise easily achieved temperature selection
  • Chemical heating via stainless steel and titanium heat exchangers
  • PIMOS Management System
  • Film break detection with alarm

PIMOS Management System
Using P-L-C (Programmable Logic Control) hardware, Photomec have developed the PIMOS Software System to manage film processing machine control.
This system, situated at the take-off station, allows a touch screen for operator use with visual indication of the following machine functions and conditions:
  • Feed on elevator position.
  • Film format (i.e. 35mm or leader) being loaded at feed on end.
  • Wash water flow indication.
  • Digital speed.
  • Chemical and dryer temperature displays with facility for simple adjustment.
  • Chemical timer with Seven day timed on/off
  • Standby timer with variable on/off cycle.
  • Manual override.
  • Total machine running hours.
  • Total footage count.
  • Simple diagnostic faultfinding display.
  • Routine maintenance prompts.
  • Low voltage signaling wiring.
  • Pump or heater failure.
  • Film break location.
Optional equipment includes:
  • CCD in-line film viewer for checking of processed film before processor take-up.
  • Logging of PIMOS data directly into Microsoft Excel for complete monitoring of the processor anywhere in the laboratory.
  • PIMOS modem link to our factory for remote technical support.

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