Low cost solution for base regeneration of new and old triacetate films. Proven polishing wheel design For 16mm & 35mm films. Features a geared drive and electronic control. Safe for the operator Constructed in accordance with E.U. safety standards.


For film safety the film is driven by friction with eliminating the risk of damage to the negative which might result from mechanical sprockets or pins in contact with the film perforations. Servo control ensures smooth continuous motion of the film.


Film speed, take-up and take-off , polishing liquid application via a needle valve , and machine.

Photomec’s reputation for quality, innovative design, proven reliability and outstanding customer service has not gone unnoticed. The BKSTS has awarded a Fellowship for Research & Invention in Cinematographic Laboratory Disciplines and a Charles Parkhouse Award for a significant contribution to laboratory practices, particularly for the handling of modern film emulsions. We are always available to offer help & guidance to clients who are new to film handling and we can provide a detailed drawings and specification upon request.

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