Photomec engineers have designed & built a new revolutionary film processing machine for the use with any chemical process for formats from 8mm up to 35mm films. The machine sets a new standard in using precise digital control to enable film to be safely transported whilst being developed. The machine is compact and is ideally suited to locations where space is limited.

Photomec have been manufacturing film processing machines since 1946 and our experience and the demands of the modern film processing facilities and all influenced this new revolutionary design. Photomec Silver Light processors are available with output speeds from 12 ft/min (220 M/hour) up to 75 ft/min (1371 M/hour). The machines are supplied complete with a separate stand alone chemical control unit.

The use of a colour operator control panel gives the operator full control of the Silver Light processor and all chemical tank temperature are displayed together with all other machine parameters. Foreign language displays are also available upon request.

The Silver Light processor is supplied with a separate chemical control unit for the heating, cooling and filtration of all of the process chemicals and also included are agitation pumps for the Developer chemical. All chemicals have their own dedicated temperature controller and this controls both the heating and cooling of each individual chemical. The use of the highest quality materials and magnetic drive pumps ensures that maintenance is kept to a minimum.

All temperatures are also displayed on the main machine colour touch screen for the operators convenience.

The Silver Light processors use our demand drive system to ensure the most gentle film tension. The use of our brake & clutch system enables all racks to be simply lifted manually for inspection of rollers and squeegees.

Individual racks use up-strand Delta-Vee squeegees and the use of a vacuum squeegee prior to the film entering the drying cabinet ensures even drying of the film emulsion. Our machines are supplied with all of the interconnecting plumbing between the machine and the chemical control unit. All of the wash water tanks have water saving spray jets which can be individually controlled by the operator. The water supply is controlled by the machine via a electric solenoid valve.

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