These machines are Modular by name and modular by nature and make the best use of limited installation space.

Photomec Modular processors are designed and constructed as a series of self-contained modules, each containing its own chemical control system, with temperature controllers and replenishment flow meters located on separate wall-mounted panels. Inherent in this form of unit construction is a high degree of flexibility that is convenient for modifying the film process, whilst offering a compact daylight-operated continuous film processor which is easy to install and maintain and will give many years of reliable operation.

These machines are available for 70 mm, 65mm and  dual 35/16mm or single S16 operation at moderate output speeds for all motion picture and photographic processes including ECP2D, ECN, VNF1, E6, C41, RW1 rewash and laser title rewash.

Photomec’s reputation for quality, innovative design, proven reliability and outstanding customer service has not gone unnoticed. The BKSTS has awarded a Fellowship for Research & Invention in Cinematographic Laboratory Disciplines and a Charles Parkhouse Award for a significant contribution to laboratory practices, particularly for the handling of modern film emulsions. We are always available to offer help & guidance to clients who are new to film handling and we can provide a detailed drawings and specification upon request.

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