P200Film Cleaner

Photomec engineers have designed & built a new revolutionary film cleaning machine for the use with any film materials from 8mm up to 35mm. The machine sets a new standard in using precise digital control to enable film to be safely transported whilst being cleaned, both tension & film speed are constantly adjusted whilst the machine is running. Using a non-contact Laser sensor the feed plate tension is constantly adjusted as the film roll unwinds. The tension is factory set but can be adjusted by the user. The film speed is controlled using a feedback encoder which ensures every roll is wound with consistent line speed and tension. The use of a colour operator control panel gives the operator full control of the P200 and has a graphical display of solvent usage and level.

Toughened glass doors keep the whole cleaning environment dust free and ensures safety for the operator.

The solvent is delivered to the film with use of four patented atomization spray nozzles to deliver precise amounts of cleaning solvent & air to both the film base and emulsion, this is then followed by the use of gentle medium speed rotary film buffers to assist in the distribution and drying of the solvent. The use of Kodak PTR rollers ensure any loose dust particles are removed both prior to and after the film has been cleaned.

The P200 Cleaner uses Kodak HFE 7200 film cleaning solvent which is supplied in 5 Litre canisters which are loaded directly into the Cleaning machine. The solvent rate is adjustable but based on the standard film transport speed of 200 fpm (3657 M/hour) will enable the cleaner to produce 50,000 feet (15,240 Metres) of spotlessly clean film. The solvent is pumped using extremely accurate metering pumps which are electronically controlled.

Photomec’s reputation for quality, innovative design, proven reliability and outstanding customer service has not gone unnoticed. The BKSTS has awarded a Fellowship for Research & Invention in Cinematographic Laboratory Disciplines and a Charles Parkhouse Award for a significant contribution to laboratory practices, particularly for the handling of modern film emulsions. We are always available to offer help & guidance to clients who are new to film handling and we can provide a detailed drawings and specification upon request.

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