Photomec can offer two types of training programs, either at our Oxfordshire workshop or on site, anywhere in the world.

Film Handling Training – Due to the constant changes in film development, film is becoming harder to safely handle. Film can be easily bruised and damaged prior to processing, this damage will show on the film once developed. Photomec technicians can train your film engineers to handle film correctly using patented Photomec tools, devices and methods.

Maintenance Training – Photomec can offer maintenance training and procedures guidance either on site or at a customer location anywhere in the world. Fault finding training is an important part of this training, guidance to show where the problem is allows minimum production downtime. Training required can vary according to customer requirements, from a single day over view to 5 days hands on training at our  workshop.

This can include mechanical assemblies breakdown, explaining how the machine works and basic up keep.

In addition, electrical fault finding training can be given to ensure maximum equipment availability.

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